Cherry Wine / Port

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1,250.00 Grams
Cherry Wine / Port

Our cherry wine is made from big, black cherries and are fermented in the traditional way resulting in a rich full bodied flavour.

There are no preservatives or additives in our cherry wine and once opened it will last for years even un-refridgerated.

It is sold in a 750ml bottle. The alcohol content is approx 17-18%


Suggestions for use.

Try this mixed with soda water or lemonade for a cool thirst-quenching drink.

Also can be mixed with champagne to make a dangerous good drink!

In winter try a little nip at room temperature to warm you up.

Pour some over ice cream!

This wine can be mulled with addition of orange peel and cinnamon. Just warm it, don't bring it to the boil as you will lose the alcohol.

Use this with a trifle, with sponge cake, custard jelly and whipped cream.

Reduce the wine by boiling in a pot and then pour over a half cooked leg of lamb with rosemary.