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This is an Italian Liqueur from around the Island of Capri. It is used as an appetitive after a meal to refresh the taste buds. It ha"s an intensively lemon taste and is served very cold.

This is a very smooth version of Limoncello because it is made from pure alcohol and our freshly picked lemons. It should be chilled or served over ice to make a very refreshing drink.

Our Limoncello has no additives or preservatives and will keep for years even when opened.

The bottles are 375mls and the alcohol content is approx 19%

Suggestions for Use

Drink as cold as you can get it or just pour over ice. Spend the time to sip it and savour the flavour.

Can be mixed with soda water or lemonade

Mix the Limoncello with champagne to make a very tempting drink.

Pour over ice cream

Can also be used with chicken.


Limoncello Triffle

  1. Prick about a punnet of blueberries with a fork and put them in a dish with about a tablespoon of Limoncello.
  2. Leave over night if possible.
  3. Put sponge cake, whipped cream lemon curd and blueberry mixture in layers in a dish and refrigerate.