Walnut Rum Liquor

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Walnut Rum Liquor

A very interesting liquor, made from green walnuts. This is based on an 400 hundred year old French recipe which we have adapted. So this recipe is original to The Grog Shed. The flavour develops and changes during the first few sips and finishes with a rich, rounded, unusual flavour. This liquor has a very smooth finish in which the rum does not dominate, but compliments the smooth flavour.

It is sold in 375ml bottle and and is approx 22% alcohol.


Suggestions for Use

This liquor marries very well with any kind of cheese and biscuits either before or after a meal. It also goes well with a coffee or in the coffee. Also use the walnut rum liquor instead of ordinary rum with chocolate in slices, ice cream, or in a chocolate and cream ganache

Steak sauce:

  1. Cook your steak to your liking
  2. Rest the steak on a plate
  3. Keep your pan on low and add approx a tablespoon of the rum, scraping off the nice bits on the bottom of the pan
  4. Add about one third of a cup of cream and turn the heat up to reduce the mixture to the desired consistency.

You could add green peppercorns before the rum and cook them for a little while and then add the
cream as per recipe. This recipe makes you look like a great chef!